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Inventia Agrarica was founded in 2012 by a multinational group of experts with a wide experience in the area of food safety regulations for import and export of fruits and vegetables. Traceability and Trust are not matters of communication but of technology. It was for this reason that we decided to found Inventia Agrarica to develop software tools that could increase transparency and confidence in the food chain.

We work with a base crew that maintains continuity and leads the development and a flexible pool of software developers, web designers, GIS specialists, system administrators and data analysts. This model allows us to quickly and easily assemble work teams with a high diversity of profiles, and provides us with the necessary capability and flexibility to address major development projects for our customers.

We are a company with an international scope, and today our solutions are distributed in different countries, such as Spain, Kenya, Mexico and the Philippines.


We develop high-tech solutions for next-generation mobile devices, and provide high added value services for the food industry.



CultivAPP is a mobile application, designed to help farmers, advisors and agri companies to effectively manage their farms.

Forget about complicated software and buying expensive equipments. Thanks to CultivAPP, with your Smartphone or Tablet you will be able to:

  • Log all activities performed on your farms and crops in real time. You can record your daily activities, control the pesticides applied, manage your crops and plots, etc..
  • Access a complete, reliable and updated database of pesticides, plagues, and fertilizers, that will help you about dosage, security periods, and much more.
  • Have a direct channel with the others agents of the agrifood sector. CultivAPP users can send and receive messages, and image files, and maintain a real-time chat.
  • Get help to manage your calendar or daily activities. CultivAPP tracks automatically your activities, technical visits scheduled, expected harvesting dates, sets up alerts when a security period ends, and send you a push message whenever an important event occur, like a new treatment sent by your advisor..
  • Pro users al can access a dedicated Web Portal, which is synchronized with the app. All data logged by the advisors on the farm/field, is available on real time in the Web Portal, so there's no need to log the data again. No need to duplicating efforts; no more papers, no more bureaucracy.


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Edatalab is a web and a mobile platform focused on food safety, agronomy and environment. Designed for any type of laboratory, it's a powerful tool for the company, and a new channel to interact with customers and partners.

Thanks to E-Datalab, users are able to:

  • Make online sample collection requests.
  • Know in real time the processing status of the samples sent to the laboratory, as well as the overall process time.
  • View and download the analytical results of all processed samples and generate custom graphs and reports.
  • Match the analytical results obtained with different national regulations on Pesticide registration and MRLs, and even with private specifications from major distribution groups (LIDL, ALDI, etc.). Users can quick and visually know if there are any problems in their samples, and whether or not they meet the requirements of different countries or retailers.
  • Set custom alerts and rules that will keep users up to date of any important information regarding their samples.
  • Access and download the invoices issued by the laboratory.

...And much more, contact us and we'll show you.

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